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Roland Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software. It was founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka on April 18, 1972, with ¥33 million in capital. In 2005 Roland's headquarters relocated to Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture. Today it has factories in Japan, the United States, Italy, and Taiwan. [Source: Wikipedia]

Official URL: http://www.roland.com

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2,474 manuals for 1,489 products from Roland Corporation are available:
A-110 A-220 A-30 A-300PRO A-33
A-37 A-50 A-500PRO A-500S A-70
A-80 A-800PRO A-880 A-90 A-90EX
AB-2 AC-100 AC-2 AC-3 AC-60
AC-90 AD-3 AD-5 AD-8 ADA-7000
ADA-8024 AE-7000 AF-70 Alpha Juno 1 Alpha Juno 2
AP-700 AR-100 AR-1000 AR-200 AR-3000
ARX-01 ARX-02 ASC-10 AT-10S AT-15
AT-20R AT-20S AT-30 AT-30R AT-4
AT-45 AT-5 AT-50 AT-60R AT-60S
AT-60SL AT-70 AT-80 AT-800 AT-80R
AT-80s AT-80SL AT-90 AT-900 AT-900C
AT-90R AT-90S AT-90SL AT-Series AW-2
AW-3 AX-09 AX-1 AX-7 AX-Synth
AX1B AXIS-1 BC-13 BC-30 BC-60
BCB-60 BD-2 BE-5 BE-5B BE-5M
BF-1 BF-2 BF-2B BF-3 BKT-8
BL-1 BN-100 BN-60 BOLT-60 BP-1
BR-1180 BR-1180CD BR-1200CD BR-1600CD BR-532
BR-600 BR-8 BR-800 BR-864 BR-900CD
BX-16 BX-4 BX-400 BX-8 BX-800
C-180 C-190 C-20 C-280 C-280P
C-30 C-50 C-80 CA-30 CB-100
CB-30 CB-HPD-10 CB-R09S CD-2 CD-2E
CDX-1 CE-1 CE-2 CE-20 CE-2B
CE-300 CE-5 CEB-3 CF-10 CH-1
CH-40 CH-60 CK-60 CL-50 CM-30
CM-300 CM-32L CM-32P CM-500 CM-64
CMU-800R CN-20 CP-40 CPM-120 CPM-300
CR-1000 CR-5000 CR-68 CR-78 CR-80
CR-8000 CS-10 CS-2 CS-3 CS-30
CS-3_PSA CSQ-100 CSQ-600 CT-6 CUBE-15
Cube-15X Cube-20X CUBE-30 Cube-30X Cube-40
Cube-60 CUBE-60-BASS CUBE Street CY-12H CY-12R-C
CY-14C CY-15R CY-5 CY-6 CY-8
D-10 D-110 D-2 D-20 D-5
D-50 D-550 D-5 (PG-10) D-70 D-Bass 115
D-Bass 115X D-Bass 210 D2 DA-1500 DA-2496
DA-400 DAC-15D DAC-15XD DB-11 DB-12
DB-30 DB-33 DB-500 DB-60 DB-66
DB-700 DB-88 DB-90 DB-900 DC-2
DC-3 DC-30 DD-2 DD-20 DD-3
DD-5 DD-6 DD-7 DDR-30 DE-200
DEP-3 DEP-5 DF-2 DI-1 DIF-800
DIF-AT DIF-AT24 DISCOVER-5 Discover 5 DJ-1000
DJ-2000 DJ-70 DJ-70 mkII DM-10 DM-2
DM-20 DM-2100 DM-3 DM-300 DM-5
DM-80 DM-800 DM-80F DM-80L DM-80R
DN-2 DP-1000 DP-2 DP-6 DP-8
DP-900 DP-970 DP-990 DR-10 DR-110
DR-20 DR-202 DR-220A DR-3 DR-30
DR-5 DR-50 DR-55 DR-550 DR-550 MKII
DR-660 DR-670 DR-770 DR-80C DR-880
DRP-1 DS-1 DS-2 DS-30A DS-330
DS-5 DS-7 DS-8 DS-90 DS-90A
DSD-3 DT-1 DT-100 E-09 E-10
E-100 E-12 E-14 E-15 E-16
E-20 E-200 E-28 E-30 E-300
E-35 E-36 E-38 E-5_ E-50
E-500 E-56 E-60 E-600 E-66
E-660 E-68 E-70 E-80 E-86
E-96 EF-303 EG-101 EH-2 EM-10
EM-101 EM-15 EM-20 EM-2000 EM-25
EM-30 EM-303 EM-50 EM-50OR EM-55
EP-09 EP-20 EP-3 EP-5 EP-50
EP-6060 EP-7 EP-70 EP-707 EP-75
EP-760 EP-77 EP-7 MKII EP-85 EP-9
EP-90 EP-95 EP-97 EP-9E EQ-131
EQ-20 EQ-215 EQ-231 EV-5 EV-7
EXR-3 EXR-3s EXR-40 EXR-40 OR EXR-46
EXR-46 OR EXR-5 EXR-5s EXR-7 EXR-7s
F-100 F-110 F-30 F-50 F-90
FA-1 FA-101 FA-66 Fantom Fantom-G6
FC-100 FC-100 MKII FC-200 FC-300 FC-50
FC-7 FD-7 FD-8 FDR-1 FG-10
FG-1000 FP-1 FP-2 FP-3 FP-4
FP-5 FP-7 FP-8 FP-9 FR-2
FR-2b FR-3 FR-3b FR-3s FR-3sb
FR-5 FR-5B FR-7 FR-7B FS-5L
FS-5U FS-6 FT-2 FV-300H FV-300L
FV-500H FV-500L FV-50H FV-50L FW-3
FZ-2 FZ-3 FZ-5 G-1000 G-202
G-303 G-505 G-600 G-70 G-707
G-77 G-800 G-808 GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster GC-405
GC-405X GC-408 GC-8 GE-7 GE-7B
GEB-7 GFC-50 GI-10 GI-20 GK-1
GKP-4 GL-100 GM-70 GP-100 GP-16
GP-20 GP-8 GP100 GP16 GR-09
GR-1 GR-100 GR-20 GR-30 GR-300
GR-33 GR-33B GR-50 GR-500 GR-700
GR-77B GS-10 GS-500 GS-6 GT-10
GT-10B GT-3 GT-5 GT-6 GT-6B
GT-8 GT-8Pro GT-PRO GW-7 GW-8
GX-700 HA-5 HC-2 HD-1 HD5-IF
HF-2 HM-2 HM-3 HP-1 HP-100
HP-1000S HP-1000SL HP-101 HP-103 HP-103-MH
HP-103-PE HP-107 HP-109 HP-126 HP-130
HP-1300 HP-1300E HP-135 HP-136 HP-137
HP-137R HP-145 HP-147 HP-147E HP-147R
HP-147RE HP-1500 HP-1600 HP-1700 HP-1700L
HP-1800 HP-1800E HP-1900G HP-2 HP-20
HP-2000 HP-201 HP-203 HP-207 HP-230
HP-236 HP-237 HP-237E HP-237R HP-245
HP-2500S HP-2800 HP-2800G HP-2900G HP-3
HP-30 HP-300 HP-3000 HP-3000S HP-330
HP-335 HP-337 HP-350 HP-3500S HP-3700
HP-3800 HP-3800G HP-400 HP-4000S HP-450
HP-4500 HP-4500S HP-5000S HP-530 HP-535
HP-5500S HP-550G HP-555G HP-557 HP-557R
HP-5600 HP-5600S HP-5700 HP-600 HP-6000S
HP-7 HP-70 HP-700 HP-730 HP-737
HP-7700 HP-800 HP-900 HP-900L HPD-10
HPD-15 HPi-5 HPi-6 HPi-6s HPI-7
HPi-7s HQGM2 HQQT HQ Hyper Canvas HQ Orchestral
HQ Super Quartet HR-2 HS-10 HS-60 HS-80
JC-120 JC-120E JC-120H JC-160 JC-50
JC-55 JC-60 JC-77 JC-80 JC-90
JD-800 JD-990 JP-4 JP-4 Jupiter 4 JP-6
JP-6 Jupiter 6 JP-8 JP-8000 JP-8080 JP-8 Jupiter 8
JS-30 JS-5 JSQ-60 JUNO-1 JUNO-106
JUNO-2 JUNO-6 JUNO-60 Juno-D Juno-Di
Juno-G Juno-Gi JUNO-STAGE Juno 1 Juno 106
Juno 2 Juno 6 Juno 60 Jupiter-4 JUPITER-6
Jupiter-8 JV-1000 JV-1010 JV-1080 JV-2080
JV-30 JV-35 JV-50 JV-80 JV-880
JV-90 JW-50 JX-1 JX-10 JX-305
JX-3P JX-8P JX-8P (PG-800) KC-100 KC-1000
KC-150 KC-300 KC-350 KC-500 KC-550
KC-60 KCW-1 KD-120 KD-5 KD-7
KD-8 KD-80 KD-85BK KD-85WT KF-7
KF-90 KM-04 KM-400 KM-60 KM-600
KM-6A KM-6B KP-24 KR-100 KR-103
KR-105 KR-107 KR-1070 KR-1077 KR-1077M
KR-11 KR-111 KR-115 KR-117 KR-15
KR-15M KR-17 KR-177 KR-17M KR-277
KR-3 KR-3000 KR-33 KR-350 KR-3500
KR-370 KR-375 KR-377 KR-4500 KR-4700
KR-5 KR-500 KR-5000 KR-55 KR-5500
KR-570 KR-575 KR-577 KR-650 KR-7
KR-75 KR-770 KR-777 KR-977 KS-STV7
LPK-1 LS-2 LVC-1N M-10 M-1000
M-100FX M-10DX M-10MX M-120 M-12E
M-160 M-160 MKII M-16DX M-16E M-240
M-240R M-24E M-480 M-512G M-660
M-760 M-BD1 M-DC1 M-GS64 M-OC1
M-SE1 M-VS1 MA-100 MA-10A MA-10D
MA-12 MA-12C MA-12V MA-15D MA-1EX
MA-20 MA-4 MA-5D MA-7 MA-8
MA-9 MB-24 MBD1 MC-09 MC-202
MC-300 MC-303 MC-307 MC-4 MC-50
MC-500 MC-500 MKII MC-505 MC-505 Groovebox MC-50 mkII
MC-80 MC-808 MC-80EX MC-909 MCB-1
MCB-3 MCR-8 MD-2 MD-8 MD-P1-S
MD8 MDS-10 MDS-10RD MDS-12 MDS-20
MDS-8SL ME-10 ME-20 ME-20B ME-25
ME-30 ME-33 ME-5 ME-50 ME-50B
ME-6 ME-6B ME-70 ME-8 ME-8B
MICRO CUBE BASS RX MICRO CUBE GX MICRO CUBE RX MIDI in Ministry Newsletters Miscellaneous
MK-60 MK-80 MKB-1000 MKB-200 MKB-300
MKS-10 MKS-100 MKS-10 Planet P MKS-20 MKS-30
MKS-50 MKS-50 Alpha Juno MKS-7 MKS-70 MKS-70 Super JX
MKS-7 Super Quartet MKS-80 MKS-80 MPG-80 Combo MKS-80 Super Jupiter MKS-900
MP-500 MP-60 MP-70 MP-700 MPD-4
MPG-80 MPU-101 MPU-103 MPU-104 MPU-105
MRC-300 MRC-500 MRM-500 MRP-500 MS-1
MS-100 MS-50 MSL-15 MSQ-100 MSQ-700
MT-100 MT-120 MT-120S MT-2 MT-200
MT-300 MT-300S MT-32 MT-80S MT-90S
MT-90U MTLC-16 MV-30 MV-8000 MV-8800
MV8-OP1 MX-200 MZ-2 NF-1 NS-2
OC-2 OC-20G OC-3 Octapad Octapad 2
OD-1 OD-2 OD-20 OD-2R OD-3
ODB-3 OP-760-1 OP-R09C OP-R09M OS-2
P-330 P-55 PA-120 PA-200 PA-250
PA-400 PA-410 PA-60 PA-80 PAD-5
PAD-8 PAD-80 PB-300 PC-150 PC-160
PC-2 PC-200 PC-200 mkII PC-300 PC-50 Edirol
PC-50 Guitar Controller PC-70 PC-80 PCK-1 PCR-1
PCR-30 PCR-300 PCR-50 PCR-500 PCR-80
PCR-800 PCR-A30 PCR-M30 PCR-M50 PCR-M80
PD-100 PD-105 PD-11 PD-120 PD-125
PD-21 PD-31 PD-5 PD-6 PD-7
PD-8 PD-80 PD-80R PD-85BK PD-85WT
PD-9 PD5 PD7 PDS-10 PDS-15
PDS-2 PDS-25 PDX-8 PG-10 PG-1000
PG-200 PG-300 PG-800 PH-1 PH-1R
PH-2 PH-3 PK-25 PK-25A PK-5
PK-5A PK-7 PK-7A PM-01 PM-1
PM-10 PM-16 PM-3 PM-30 PMA-5
PN-2 PQ-3B PQ-4 PQ-50 PR-1
PR-100 PR-300S PR-800 Prelude Pro-E
PS-2 PS-3 PS-5 PSM-5 PT-2000
PT-2700 PT-3100 PW-1 PW-10 PW-2
R-09 R-09HR R-1 R-5 R-70
R-8 R-880 R-8M R-8 MKII RA-30
RA-50 RA-800 RA-90 RA-95 RAP-10AT
RBF-10 RC-100 RC-2 RC-20 RC-20XL
RC-3 RC-50 RCE-10 RCL-10 RCS-848
RD-100 RD-1000 RD-150 RD-170 RD-200
RD-250S RD-300 RD-300GX RD-300S RD-300SX
RD-500 RD-600 RD-700 RD-700GX RD-700SX
RE-100 RE-1000 RE-101 RE-150 RE-20
RE-200 RE-201 RE-3 RE-301 RE-501
RG-1 RG-3 RG-7 RGE-10 RK-100
RK-500 RKS-88 RM-2 RMP-1 RMP-3
RMP-5 ROD-10 Roland Resource Books RP-101 RP-2
RPC-1 RPC-SI24 RPH-10 RPQ-10 RPS-10
RPW-7 RRV-10 RS-09 RS-101 RS-202
RS-5 RS-50 RS-505 RS-70 RS-9
RSD-10 RSM-90 RSP-550 RSS-10 RSS-10MAC
RSS-10PC RSS-303 RSS-8048 RT-10 RT-1L
RT-20 RT-3T RT-5S RT-7K RV-1000
RV-2 RV-3 RV-5 RV-70 RX-82
S-10 S-220 S-330 S-50 S-550
S-750 S-760 S-760V2 S-770 S-770V2
SBX-80 SC-155 SC-33 SC-50 SC-55
SC-55ST SC-55 mkII SC-7 SC-88 SC-880
SC-8820 SC-8850 SC-88PRO SC-88ST PRO SC-88/ST
SC-88/VL SCB-100 SCB-40 SCB-55 SCB-60
SCB-7 SCC-1 SCC-700B SCC-700C SCC-700F
SCL-40 SCL-60 SCP-55 SD-1 SD-2
SD-20 SD-35 SD-80 SD-90 SDD-320
SDE-1000 SDE-2000 SDE-2500 SDE-3000 SDE-330
SDX-330 SE-50 SE-70 SEQ-315 SEQ-331
SH-01 SH-09 SH-1 SH-1000 SH-101
SH-2 SH-2000 SH-201 SH-3 SH-32
SH-5 SH-7 SI-24 SI-80S SI-80SP
SIP-300 SK-500 SK-88PRO SN-550 SN-700
Sonic SonicCell SP-1 SP-202 SP-303
SP-404 SP-505 SP-555 SP-606 SP-700
SP-808 SP-808EX SPA-120 SPA-240 SPA-60
SPB-30 SPB-50 SPD-11 SPD-1E Electro SPD-1K Kick
SPD-1P Percussion SPD-1W WAV PAD SPD-20 SPD-30 SPD-30 Octapad
SPIRIT-40A SPV-355 SR-G01 SR-GR1-01 SR-JV80-01
SR-JV80-02 SR-JV80-03 SR-JV80-04 SR-JV80-05 SR-JV80-06
SR-JV80-07 SR-JV80-08 SR-JV80-09 SR-JV80-10 SR-JV80-11
SR-JV80-12 SR-JV80-13 SR-JV80-14 SR-JV80-15 SR-JV80-16
SR-JV80-17 SR-JV80-18 SR-JV80-19 SRA-1200 SRA-200E
SRA-2400 SRA-260 SRA-50 SRA-540 SRA-800
SRC-2 SRE-555 SRQ-2031 SRQ-4015 SRV-2000
SRV-3030 SRV-3030D SRV-330 SRX-01 SRX-02
SRX-03 SRX-04 SRX-05 SRX-06 SRX-07
SRX-08 SRX-09 SRX-10 SRX-11 SRX-12
SRX-98 SS-115B SSC-8004 SSM-151 SST-151
SST-251 SUPER-MRC SVC-350 SX-700 SYB-3
SYB-5 SYS-333 SYS-503 SYS-505 SYSTEM-100-102
SYSTEM-100-103 SYSTEM-100-104 System 100-101 System 100-102 System 100-103
System 100-104 System 100M System 100/102 System 100/103 System 100/104
System 700 TB-303 TD-10 TD-10B TD-10K
TD-12 TD-12K TD-20 TD-20K TD-20X
TD-3 TD-3KW TD-4 TD-5 TD-5K
TD-6 TD-6K TD-6KW TD-6V TD-7
TD-7K TD-7T TD-8 TD-8KV TD-9
TDA-700 TDW-1 TL-12 TL-16 TL-8
TM-3 TM-7 TMC-6 TR-2 TR-33
TR-505 TR-606 TR-626 TR-66 TR-707
TR-727 TR-77 TR-808 TR-909 TU-12
TU-120 TU-121 TU-12H TU-12P TU-12S
TU-15 TU-2 TU-50 TU-6 TU-70
TU-8 TU-80 U-110 U-20 U-220
U-8 U-8ST UA-100 UA-1000 UA-101
UA-1A UA-1EX UA-20X UA-25 UA-25EX
UA-3 UA-30 UA-3D UA-3FX UA-4FX
UA-5 UA-700 UM-1 UM-1SX UM-1X
UM-2 UM-2EX UM-3EX UM-4 UM-550
UM-880 UR-80 US-20 V-BASS V-Piano
V-Synth V-Synth GT V-Synth XT VA-3 VA-5
VA-7 VA-76 VariOS VB-2 VB-99
VE-JV1 VE-RD1 VF-1 VG-8 VG-88
VG-8EX VG-99 VG8S-1 VGA-3 VGA-5
VGA-7 VH-11 VH-12 VK-1000 VK-7
VK-77 VK-8 VK-88 VK-8M VM-24C
VM-3100 VM-3100PRO VM-3100 Pro VM-7100 VM-7200
VM-C7100 VM-C7200 VP-330 VP-550 VP-7
VP-70 VP-770 VP-9000 VPD-1A VR-700
VR-760 VS-1680 VS-1824 VS-1824CD VS-1880
VS-2000CD VS-2400CD VS-2480 VS-2480CD VS-2480 V2
VS-840 VS-840EX VS-840GX VS-880 VS-880EX
VS20-VGA VS4S-1 VS8F-1 VS8F-2 VS8F-3
VSC-MP1 VSR-880 VSR-880 HD VT-1 W-30
W-50 WP-20G WS-100 XP-10 XP-30
XP-50 XP-60 XP-80 XT-2 XV-2020
XV-3080 XV-5050 XV-5080 XV-88

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